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"GDS works hard to find the people who do the best work. They're very selective of the companies they do business with."

- VP of Operations,
hydronic systems manufacturer


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About Global Development Solutions Corp: Importing & Consulting

Customers count on GDS to identify, develop and implement global manufacturing opportunities to help them reduce costs, maintain market share, audit their suppliers, attend trade shows, and realize increased profitability.

Founded in 1999 by Steve Anderson, GDS specializes in importing a wide range of industrial OEM and commodity components. Steve Anderson has 30+ years' experience in this field and can implement all aspects of this process.

GDS is both a professional importing and consulting firm that has the engineering experience and China sourcing expertise, coupled with GDS-Shanghai office staff, to identify, facilitate, and oversee global production opportunities. GDS has an extensive network of proven sources as well as a proven full time staff in Shanghai having 12+ years of experience in export, logistics, and factory operations.


Our History

2012 - GDS provided hydraulic motors for truck mounted spreader machinery in snow/ice industry. GDS entered agricultural industry with orders for custom OEM agricultural chain and orders for hydraulic motors as well as custom fabrications.

2011 - GDS hydraulic cylinder customer base increased and they began stocking in seven northeastern states. GDS expanded into two more markets: 1) Stainless steel pipe fittings per European standards and 2) Hydraulic motors for sand/salt spreaders.

2010 - In response to increasing demand from customers, GDS began importing of custom OEM products. GDS began with aftermarket hydraulic cylinders for the snow/ice industry and custom tooled powder coated stampings for snow removal equipment. GDS established a customer presence in the mid-west USA. GDS developed sources for fabrications/hydraulics going to a major snow plow, compact tractor, UTV, and tractor cab firm well known in USA and worldwide.

2006 - GDS added full time staff in China for purposes of supplier development, successful negotiation of pricing, and logistics. GDS Shanghai office staff successfully found suppliers and negotiated all pricing. GDS helped a major USA lithium ion battery maker establish legal entity in China and offices in Shenzen.

1999 - Global Development Solutions (GDS) was incorporated in November 1999 and became fully operational as an offshore manufacturing consultancy in January 2001. From the beginning, GDS helped well known industrial clients to develop a supply chain in Taiwan and China. GDS helped an OEM automotive (Detroit)/offroad/ATV 4WD maker to build their supply chain in China.

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